The Magic of Man Made Crystals

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the idea of man-made crystals. Some claim they are fake and they have no metaphysical value. They are a reality in the crystal world and we commonly see these enhanced crystals in some form. Whether it is a lab created crystal, color enhanced or electroplated, you have most likely come across one or two in your crystal journey. Before you condemn the practice or call these crystals fake, let me explain why they are not.

First and foremost, lab created crystals are chemically the exact same. They are not fake; they were grown so that they could form under the most perfect conditions. This is done so that they are readily available in the world and they do not take thousands of years to form in the Earth. In doing so we are not depleting the Earth of its resources and the cost point of these crystals reflects this. This practice makes these gems easily accessible to those who value their benefits.

Heat treated Citrine is another crystal that is often mistakenly called a fake. Citrine and Amethyst are part of the same crystal family, and Citrine occurs when Amethyst is heated up in the Earth. It then slowly changes colors from that vibrate purple we all know and love to a soft yellow champagne color making it Citrine. This process takes thousands of years, so the industry standard since the 60s has been to create Citrine by heating up Amethyst which creates a more vibrant yellow. Chemically both are identical making their metaphysical energy the same.


With crystal healing practices it is important to remember it is the energy that we imbue the crystal with and the energy that the crystal inspires that creates its power.

Another crystal that is commonly called a fake is electroplated crystals. Electroplated crystals are usually Quartz crystals that have been infused with metals to give them vibrant colors we usually do not see in the crystal world naturally such as hot pinks, baby blues and even rainbow. These metals used like titanium and gold all have their own metaphysical power as well. Gold inspires wealth and Titanium resilience and positivity and so on! By electroplating these Quartz clusters or points you are not detracting from the metaphysical energy but adding different components to it! Think of these clusters as wearing make up - they are not fake, but a little extra spice has been added!

Of course, no business should ever sell you enhanced/lab created crystals and claim they are naturally forming – this is where a lot of the confusion lies and we see the word fake pop up! There are definitely fake crystals out there so this is why it is important to find a business you feel you can trust and are transparent with their practices. All of our crystals that are lab created or enhanced will say so in the description and this is so there is no confusion when they are bought.

Keep in mind that with crystal magic and healing it is all about energy work. Don’t let others diminish your collection if you carry lab created specimens with you. It is the energy that they inspire that is important. One is not better than the other, there is only preference.