Who are you?

We are a small/family run business!  “Jacobs Trading Ye Olde Rock Shop” was founded in 2013 by Mother and Daughter team Donna & Tegan Jacobs.  We were soon joined by our husbands Ray and Ryan in our quest to provide beautiful and amazing crystals and jewelry supplies from around the world at reasonable prices!  

Our family have been avid rock hounds for decades as well as metaphysical practitioners.  We have extensive geological knowledge as well as metaphysical experience to ensure you are receiving exceptional quality crystals to serve your highest purpose! 

We also employ many knowledgeable staff to assist you on your journey of health, happiness, and just plain crystal joy!

Where are you located?

We have an amazing store located at 1600 Regent Ave in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  If you are in Winnipeg please stop in for a visit!! 

Are you Canadian?

We are proudly Canadian born and raised!

How can I contact you?

Please CLICK HERE to visit our Contact Page!

How do I select Free Delivery in Winnipeg or In Store Pick up?

Please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to do this!

Are your crystals real?

Our crystals are 100% REAL! We are geological experts.  We know our stones!  We will never sell you something as a real crystal if it isn’t 100% real.  Please note, we do sell man made crystals such as Opalite and Goldstone, but they are always marked as such in the listing description.  If a crystal is dyed, we also mark that in the description. 

What about Citrine?  Is what you sell heat treated?

Some of it is yes, nearly all Citrine that is sold anywhere has been enhanced.  Natural Citrine does not occur as crystal clusters, only mass crystal (like quartz).  Natural Citrine is always more of a light dull yellow as opposed to bright yellow.

Heat treated Citrine has been the industry standard since the 1970's and contrary to today's popular myth, it has just as much vibrational power (in our humble opinion) as natural citrine! It is not fake!  It is still a real, grown in the earth crystal, but the color has been enhanced.

Still looking for “Natural Citrine”?   CLICK HERE if you would like to see our current selection of natural untreated Citrine.  

Are your crystals sourced ethically?

Because we are a small family owned business, we make a dedicated effort to purchase from reputable businesses that source their minerals ethically.  We strive to support small/family owned businesses wherever we can!

I placed an order but I forgot to add something!  What can I do?

Please email us asap if you wish to add to your order!  If it has not already been shipped, we will do everything we can to add your item.  You will receive an invoice directly to your email address to pay for the addition.  Email us here – orders@yeolderockshop.com

Does crystal healing really work?

The short answer is YES!  It does really work, but its not a magic pill.  You still have to do some work!

 Working with crystals can help reduce stress, boost your mood, calm emotions, inspire good fortune and many other benefits.  Improving your mental state has been proven to help with overall better health and outlook!  The true "magic' is to use the energy from the crystals to inspire positive emotions within you!   It is those positive emotions that will evoke real change in your physical life!

Thank you so much for supporting small business!  Please enjoy your visit with us!