What is Crystal Gridding?

If you are new to the wonderful world of crystals, you may have heard the term “Crystal Gridding” before and shortly after thought “what the #@!% is that”. When I was new to crystal healing, the term “Grid” kept popping up in books and random conversation, but it never was followed with a succinct definition or explanation of how to do it.

A crystal grid is a spiritual tool used for setting intentions, manifesting goals, and amplifying the energy of crystals. Imagine it like a map where different crystals are placed strategically to create a powerful energy field. Each crystal in the grid represents a specific intention or purpose, and when they are arranged in a geometric pattern, they work together to enhance and magnify the energy towards achieving that intention.

But let’s break that down further… where do you begin?

To create a grid the first thing you need is an intention or goal, something you would like to manifest (ex. Love, prosperity, protection, etc.) Your intention should be as specific as humanly possible. Magic LOVES when you are specific. Try to think of your intention in a single sentence, such as, “I would love to earn some extra money to pay the electric bill this month” or “I want my house to be protected while I’m travelling this week” This helps direct the energy that you are creating!

Once you have your goal/intention in your mind, its the fun part! Crystal picking! When picking, try to limit yourself to 3-5 different types of crystals for your first grid. This helps the intention remain clear and not convoluted. The bigger your grid, the more crystals are used. You are looking for crystals that suit and compliment your intention, you want to pick energies that will help raise the vibration of your own goal and make it more powerful.

For example, if I was making a grid for protection, I may pick Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian. (Just to name a few options) These are all powerful protective crystals, but with the union of energies that you are creating when they are placed, they strengthen your focused intention to manifest results much quicker!

Once you have your crystals ready, make sure you cleanse them and the space that you plan to be making the grid in. State your intention out loud and start placing your crystals. The most common layout of crystal grids is the Flower of Life, but I highly recommend creating your own design and letting your intuition guide you. If you are following a pattern like the Flower of Life, you will be placing a crystal in every spot a line intersects, this creates a flow of energy!


Once you have your grid set up, leave it be until you feel you have manifested your goal. Make a daily ritual to go to your grid and take in the sacred energy that you have created!

Other crystal combinations used for specific intentions:

Love - Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz

Money/Abundance - Aventurine, Pyrite, Tiger Eye and Citrine

Click this link to download a FREE GRID PATTERN PDF