5 Ways to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Daily Life

Crystals can be amazing tools to inspire change and positive energy in one’s life. Whether you use them formally for healing and manipulating energy or simply to give you an extra boost of good vibes when needed – crystals can be a wonderful asset to your daily routines! There are countless ways to work with these magical stones every day. Here are 5 easy ways you can incorporate crystals into your life!

If you are new to working with crystals, this is a great way to start and be introduced to a crystal’s energy. Before you start your mediation take a moment to contemplate your intention for your meditation. Calming the mind? Gratitude? Grounding? Increase intuition? Picking a crystal which has properties that compliment your intention can enhance your meditation by giving you a focal point for your energy. It can also be used as a tool to recenter your mind if it starts to wonder (Don’t stress, it happens to us all).
 If you are not sure which crystal to use, Clear Quartz is a great multipurpose crystal as it works to amplify energy and intentions!

Carrying a Crystal with You Through Your Day
Have you ever had a day where you have felt just down in the dumps and can’t seem to shake that “blah” feeling? Well try carrying a crystal with you through the day. Whether it is in your pocket, purse, or simply placed on your desk for the duration of your workday – you will be impressed what a little stone can do for you. The more contact you have with a crystal, the more you will be focused on its energy.

For example, maybe I have been feeling a little down, so I decided to carry a Citrine crystal with me to remind me of its quality of Happiness. When I have these negative or intrusive thoughts, I can spend some time holding it and focusing on its energy. This is a very grounding practice and can remind yourself to focus on the little happy moments we experience though the day. That hot cup of coffee in the morning, the sunrise on the drive into work, etc. Whatever those happy thoughts are it disrupts the negative train of thought and its momentum.
Positive Energy Décor
Other than making gorgeous statement pieces in your décor, crystals actively work to bring positive energy and manifestations to your home. Placing crystals in rooms that you spend the most time in can positively affect your energy and be a constant reminder of our intentions and goals throughout the day. Some crystals also have qualities for protection and can be used to keep negative or intrusive thoughts at bay when you are trying to unwind after a long day.

Using crystals in your home can be a potent way to manifest goals, especially if you arrange them in a crystal grid formation. What is a crystal grid you may ask? To be described quickly - a grid is simply the union of energies created between complimenting crystals, sacred geometry and your intention. If you are interested in learning more about how to create one of these in your home, check our my other blog "What is a Crystal Grid?"

Self Care
Crystals are a great asset when we refer to self care. They can infuse our regular self care routines with extra boosts of positivity on our tougher days. This can be in simple ways such as taking a bath with a Rose Quartz to promote self-love and acceptance, or using a crystal massage wand on your hands after a long day to help those muscles relax and relieve carried tension.

Placing Under your Pillow
Crystals have astonishing energy that can even aid you while you are sleeping! Lots of people use crystals to ward against nightmares and promote a peaceful and restful sleep. Simply place the crystals that you would like to use in a small bag and slip it in your pillowcase before a night’s sleep. Most commonly used for this practice is Amethyst and Howlite. These two crystals work to protect and ease the mind of worry allowing for a restful sleep. However, many crystal combinations can be used. For example, if I had a big meeting the next morning, I may want to sleep with a Carnelian under my pillow to help manifest motivation and ambition for the day ahead!

No matter how you use your crystals throughout your day, know there is no wrong way. If you place two crystals together, they are not going to explode. The biggest power that crystals have is inspiring positive energy and change within ourselves. They help improve our outlook and give us a reminder of these qualities when we need. It is this outlook combined with positive emotions that will evoke the real transformations we wish to see.