The Powers of The Moon

In astrology, the Moon is connected to our emotions, intuition, grounding, feminine energy, creativity and our potential. Every month the Moon moves through her cycle as she goes from new to full, from darkness to light all within 28-30 days.

You may hear people mention the upcoming full moon or see mention while scrolling through social media. The truth is the moon in all of her cycles is very much ingrained into our day to day lives. Animals may act strangely, we ourselves may act different then normal, the list goes on… But, what does this mean and how can we use the powers of the moon?

As the Moon moves through her cycle, we feel her energy affecting our lives in different ways

New Moon: on a New Moon we bask in the energy of creation. It is the perfect time to start something new, plant a seed, set our intentions and make a wish out to the Universe. This is our manifesting time.

Waxing Moon: The Waxing Moon helps us to take action on our goals, dreams and manifestations that will help us grow, thrive and live to our fullest.

Full Moon: the Full Moon represents the most influential point in the cycle, it is a time of high emotions and energy. This is a time to release and let go of all energies that we have outgrown in order to welcome in the new. In the cycle of death and rebirth, the Full Moon is the death of what no loner serves us.

Waning Moon: the Waning Moon is the reflective time. It gives us a chance to pause and go within ourselves and see where we are and where we are going. This is the moment before the rebirth which helps us to reflect on our emotions and who we are. Revelations can often occur and our intuition can be strong pulling us in a new direction.

When the Moon is Full, we often feel all of this energy on the strongest and most deepest level.

During this time, there are a few things you can do to fully benefit from its powerful energy

  1. Do A Deep Clean
    A cleanse of your physical and mental space is one of the perfect things to do during a full moon. Getting rid of stagnant energy that has accumulated in the span of a month and giving it new life in a way. You can blast music, dance while you work, breath life back into your space! Afterwards, Smudging your home and self is a wonderful way to end your cleansing ritual. Consider meditating subsequently, journaling your thoughts, and having a nice bath.
  2. Charging Your Crystals
    Yes! The Full Moons Cleansing power can also reset and charge your crystals! You can place them outside in a dish to fully absorb the moons energy, or place them on a windowsill if the weather isn’t cooperating.
  3. LET IT GO
    If there has been something that has been troubling you this month, or perhaps even longer and you feel you are ready to say goodbye to those emotions…the night of the full moon is the perfect time to do so. Send those emotions packing! You can do this mentally by sitting in a quiet space and saying goodbye to those emotions. If you would like a visual and in my opinion a more satisfying option, burn that shit - write down everything that no longer serves you on a piece of paper and set is ablaze! Then sprinkle those ashes outside your home, why? Because you don’t need it anymore!
  4. Chill
    The Full Moon is a good time to simply – be. If the month was a tough one, or maybe you’re not feeling the all powerful witchy energy, that’s ok. Relax. You don’t need to plan out a four page Full Moon ritual and dance naked in the woods! Maybe you just want to be you. Grab some snacks, put on your favourite movie, hang out with the people you love the most and enjoy being in your own skin. Laughter is one of the best things to slowly melt away those emotions you feel are weighing you down.

There are countless ways to work and benefit from moon energy. Remember, as the moon cycles change, so do we. Make the energy work for you, make your own rituals, get together with likeminded friends and family, celebrate each phase whether it be of the moons or of your lives. Magic is always stronger when we are together!

Stay Magical,