Are You Intuitive?

Have you ever had a bad feeling about something, only to see you were right about it all along? Felt you have been guided to do or not go through with something? Been thinking about someone, only to have them call a few moments later? Well, SURPRISE, you are intuitive! It doesn’t matter how “in touch with the mystical world” you think you are, everyone has intuitive abilities. Yes, everyone.

Most of us have a tendency to pass these things off as a coincidence, however following that “gut-feeling” can lead to wonderful happenings. We all have the ability to use this inner knowing, but as with any skill - it takes practice. Learning to develop your intuition is a precious tool that can help you make decisions and bring you clarity when logic alone is not enough.

The two most important qualities to develop your intuition are trust and openness.

You must be able to believe in yourself and what your intuition is whispering to you, and of course be open to receiving these messages. Know that you are already intuitive. One of the hardest things to overcome is that feeling of insecurity when you are starting out. Think of all the times you have been right following that “hunch”.

The next step will be identifying how your intuition speaks to you. Do you have incredibly vivid dreams? A thought that pops into your head - almost in a different voice? Physical sensations? (goosebumps? A shiver?) Or an overwhelming emotion pulling you in one direction? There are many ways to receive information, spend some time meditating or doing some self reflection to find out what you should be listing to.

Once you discover how your intuition speaks to you, I HIGHLY recommend journaling about each “inclination” or “hunch” you feel you receive. This will help you examine each moment more clearly and help validate your feelings when they are correct. Building that trust is especially important.

Like with any muscle your intuition must be trained and used on a consistent basis to help see progress!

They can be small acts such as, when you are waiting for a train to pass by, look at the clock when it starts, ask yourself, what time do you think it will end? Do you work next to someone? Ask yourself what color of shirt they will be wearing today when you get in. These small questions you pose yourself, will help awaken and develop your intuitive muscles!

If you feel ready, you can even do dedicated exercises. One of my favorite when I was starting out was to get my friends or family members to place a small object in a sealed envelope without me knowing what it was. (Works best if multiple people participate) Not knowing who’s was who’s or what was sealed inside I would simply hold the envelope and see what emotions would arise. Sadness? Happiness? Was it cold or warm? Sometimes I would even draw people or scenery based off what I was feeling. Finally, I would guess which enveloped belonged to who. 

This is a fun exercise that lots of people can participate in! Remember to journal your findings!

There is a universal, intelligent life force that resides in all of us. Our inner knowing of the world around us that helps guide us in times of uncertainty.

Believe in yourself and your feelings, they are valid and happen for a reason.

Stay Magical