Candle Magic Basics

Candle magic is one of the most popular forms of spell casting. It is considered basic magic and does not require rigorous training or expensive tools. If you have a candle on hand, good news! You can preform a spell! For these reasons it is usually the first stop for new spell casters!

Now when we say the term “Spell”, it can sometimes conjure up some interesting and fantastical imagery from pop culture. People levitating, bats wings, hex’s and evil curses casted by some lady with a bad hair-do living under a mushroom. This is by no means, modern magic.

The best and simplest way I can explain magic is:

The art of causing change in consciousness in accordance with Will.

Magic is the idea of changing the physical world around you using only your own will and positive thought and energy translated into action. Without doubt, but with absolute certainty.

Most of you have probably even completed your first candle magic spell without realizing it. That’s right! Now some of you may be saying, “What? Danielle, that’s crazy talk, I would remember if I traveled into a dark forest under the full moon and casted a spell!”

Think simpler - I want you to remember your last birthday cake. We have this wonderful tradition of blowing out the candles on top every year and making a wish. Magic is the same Principle but instead of hoping and wishing, you are declaring your intention to the world and yourself. BOOM Candle magic! Piece of cake! (see what I did there?)

Candle Magic is based of three key principles:

  1. Decide on a goal
  2. Visualize your end result
  3. Focus your intention or will to manifest that result

 Now here is the tricky part with any type of magic, be specific, be realistic and you have to believe in what your doing. If your lighting a candle and the entire time you’re thinking this is silly, 100% it wont work. Simple as that. The hardest part of being a spell caster is believing in your own power to influence your path.

When you decide on your goal for your spell, I find it helpful to simplify your goal down to a single sentence. Such as, ‘I want to be protected from harm when I travel’. This just helps manifest your energy in a clear succinct manner.

The next step will be selecting your candle. Colour of your candle is important. In magic all colours have meanings!

White – Purity, Peace, Truth, Hope, Soul Work

Black – Protection, Stability, Banishing

Brown – House Magic, Grounding

Red – Courage, Passion, Strength, Action

Orange – Joy, Energy, Success

Yellow – Clarity, Manifesting, Creativity, Friendship

Green – Money, Luck, Fertility, Healing

Blue – Forgiveness, Calming, Communication

Purple – Wisdom, Physic Ability, Tranquility

Pink – Self Love, Beauty, Harmony, Relationships

Please note: this is one witch’s interpretation of colour, like with any magic, if a certain colour is calling to you to use it, even if your goal does not line up with the descriptions above, use it! Follow your gut! If you are flat out unsure what colour to use, the basic rule of thumb is to use white and black for your spell.

The next thing to consider is WHEN you are going to be preforming your spell. The days of the week, the moon cycle they all have meaning.

Days of the Week Meanings

Monday – (Moon) Ancestors, childbearing, dreams, healing, instincts, memory, merchandise, purity, prevention of theft.

Tuesday – (Mars) courage and victory, initiation, loyalty, matrimony, protection, wealth.

Wednesday – (Mercury) Business, communication, debt, loss, travel.

Thursday – (Jupiter) Desires, harvests, honor, oaths and promises, riches.

Friday – (Venus) Beauty, family life, friendship, fruitfulness, growth, harmony, love, nature, pleasures, sexuality, water.

Saturday – (Saturn) Building, freedom, gifts, life, protection, real estate, tenacity.

Sunday – (Sun) Agriculture, beauty, creativity, fortune, guardianship, hope, money, self-expression, victory.

Moon Cycle Meanings

New Moon: The start of new projects, new love in your life, taking something on in your life, Manifesting.

Waxing Crescent: Bringing things into your life.

First Quarter: New relationships, bonds. Making current relationships stronger

Waxing Gibbous: Bringing prosperity and money to you.

Full Moon: The release of things that no longer serve you. Psychic energy work.

Waning Gibbous: Expelling negative energy from your life.

Third Quarter: Clearing out relationships that no longer serve you.

Waning Crescent: Purifying and House cleansing

Now, this is important. These are just extra steps you can take to make your spell more potent. You do NOT have to flip through your calendar for hours to find a Tuesday with a full moon and then proceed to wait 8 months to cast your spell. These are just themes to keep in mind when you are planning your spell! If you have a couple hours to yourself and a candle to burn - GO FOR IT.

When you are ready to cast your spell, find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for a time. Hold your candle in your hands and truly visualize your goal. What will it feel like when it is complete? what will it look like? Say your goal out loud if you are comfortable. Maybe even carve it into your candle. Light your candle when you feel you are ready and quietly sit in the presence of its glow. How do you feel? Enjoy the space and energy that you have created.

When you feel like you have done your part feel free to go about how you normally would, you do not have to stare at a candle for two hours and destroy your retinas. Just keep in mind, yes, it is a lit candle and you should never leave a burning flame unattended.

How your candle burns can also be a form of divination. Once your candle has burned down you can ask yourself, how did it burn?

Strong and Steady: This generally means your spell has been effective, for your intent is clear and your spell has been successfully sent.

A Slow Burn: Your goal may need some work on your side. Remember to actively work towards your goal, manifest! With Time and effort your spell will be successful

An Unsteady or Flickering Flame: As long as there is no draft in the room, there is resistance between you and your goal. Try putting more energy behind your intention. The higher your flame jumps/flickers the more resistance.

Burning Only to one Side: Your spell is only partially complete. You may have something in your life holding you back (Your doubting yourself or the spell, factors working against you, etc.) This could leave things unresolved. Keep in mind that the type of candle could have been the culprit (If it was an old or cheaper candle). Refocus your intention, and try the process again for better results.

As with any magic, believe in your own power and follow your intuition. There are a million and one ways to practice magic, do your research and follow the one that speaks to you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I would love to get back to you!

Happy Spell Casting!

.... and don’t burn down your house

Stay Magical,


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