New to Witchcraft? Here is a Place to Start

If you are interested or just getting your toes wet into the world of witchcraft, it can be incredibly overwhelming - Specially when you are looking online. Whether you are finding articles that contradict each other or different ways to preform the same ritual - it is a lot! Being a new witch, reawakened witch or as the internet has affectionately dubbed a “baby witch”, it can be difficult to navigate. From my personal journey in the world of witchcraft I have learned everyone’s journey and path is different, for being a witch does not mean one thing, but many. Whether your end journey calls you to Kitchen Witchery, Hedge Witchery, High Magick, a solitary Witch, or the leader of a coven. Here are some basic things you can do to help you get started on your path!                      

1. Research

I know, you have probably heard it before…but RESEARCH. It is incredibly important you understand what and why you are doing the things you do in witchcraft.  If a spell asks you to preform it on the full moon, ask yourself why. If you are being drawn to something specific, investigate, ask questions, buy a book!
When picking out a good “starter” witch book, it is important you pick something that has a layout you like and something that will compliment your learning style. Some books are like textbooks, reference guides, spell a day books, etc. so find something you will enjoy reading!
 This is when Journaling becomes important to some witches. Specially when you are juggling more than one book! Writing their findings, things they thought were interesting, neat spells you have come across, ingredients you want to use one day. Record it all! Some magical folk call this journal a “Book of Shadows”, and it is a recording of your magical practice!    
Feeling overwhelmed? That’s NORMAL. Take your time. You can research for however long you feel comfortable with. There is no rule that gives you a deadline and there are no exams! Go at your own pace.
    2. Practice
      Okay, so you’ve done some research and you feel your ready to stretch those witchy muscles! You may want to start by casting a small spell, manifestation work, or just start carrying crystals with you when you go out. Wherever you want to start, start small. Only try what you are comfortable with and what resonates with you. There are no official rights of passage you need to preform, so if you have been wanting to try using a pendulum or cards, go get yourself one! (and no, they do not need to be given to you.)
      After you have officially tried your first spell, or endeavour as a witch – check in with yourself. How do you feel? Are you excited? Nervous? Any different? This is a good “check point” to set yourself. If you are excited and it felt good, fantastic! Press on with your craft! If you are nervous, or something just didn’t feel right, take a moment to re-evaluate. Do you want to research more?  Maybe you want to try it again? These are all very valid and normal experiences. (That you can add to that journal I was talking about earlier) Feel free to reach out and ask questions! Magical people love talking about their craft and I am sure would be happy to help answer questions!   
        3. Welcome to The Club
          Congratulations! *Pulls out honorary witch hat* you are a witch!
           Yes, it is basically that simple.
           Anyone who is a witch is constantly working at their craft, learning more, asking questions. You never reach a stage that you’re like “aaaaannnd done.” Everyone’s craft is unique and completely their own, that’s what makes witchcraft so approachable.  Being a witch is simply imbodying your truth with power to change the world around you.
          Now, being a witch in its basic form may be just the first stop for you, as I mentioned earlier there are MANY MANNNY types of witches. I really cannot stress this enough, do not stress about finding your “label” so soon - That all comes in time. It may be five years down the road that you’re sitting down and realize you want to be a High Priestess of Aphrodite.  And you know what happens then? You start again at number 1…research.    

          This is Witchcraft boiled down to its simplest form, research, practice, and repeat. As you go through your journey you will always come across others that do things differently and tell you to do the same. If you resonate with what they are telling you and it makes sense to you, adopt it into your craft. However, if it doesn’t, smile, say thanks and go on your merry witchy way. This is YOUR CRAFT no one else’s. Continue down your path and you’ll find like-minded people to join you on the way.   

          Feel free to check out my other blogs on setting up your first altar if you feel called to do so or Candle Magic Basics if you are looking to cast your first spell and learn more about it. If you have questions, PLEASE comment below I would love to answer them the best I can. 

          Stay Magical


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