How To Preform a House Blessing

A house blessing is a great thing to do when you move into a new home or when you decide to start a new chapter in your life and would like to clear and bless your current home. It removes negative energy from your home and prevents it from entering again.

This process can be as simplistic or elaborate as you desire as it is your intention that matters most. However, this is the method that I have used to bless my home in the past and I find it incredibly effective!

Supplies you’ll need:
1 Intention Candle (preferably brown)

Sage or another cleansing herb like Cedar

1 Black Tourmaline crystal

1 Selenite crystal

How To Preform A House Blessing

  1. Take your brown candle (symbolizing balance, grounding, stability, safety) and hold it in your hands thinking about your intention. What you want, energy you want to bring into your home and what energy you wish to keep out.
  2. Lighting your candle, keep that intention in your mind.
  3. Light your cleansing Herb with your burning candle.
  4. Use your hands to direct the smoke on your body. Cleansing yourself of any negativity.
  5. Start to walk around your home with your burning Herb wafting the smoke in the rooms that you wish to be cleansed. Focusing on corners and any other spots that you feel there could be trapped energy.
  6. After the house has been cleansed, hold your black tourmaline in one hand and your selenite in the other while reciting the following:
I ask that this home may be blessed in love and light.
That the happiness shared under this roof may nurture my homes beating heart.
I ask that all who pass this threshold bring positive will and leave their troubles at the door.
I ask for a blessing on my home and on my family.
May we live our lives in joy and love, may our hearts be full,
may we be sheltered from storms, kept safe from all ill;
And may only those who wish us well make their way to our door.
May Goodwill be ever welcome in our home and be ever present in our hearts
  1. Once this is done let your sage and candle burn down completely.

Your home is now blessed. You can keep the black tourmaline and selenite close to the entrance you use most in your house to aid in keeping this energy.         

Remember that crystals need to be charged and cleansed as well! I usually make a point to refresh these crystals energy with herbal smoke every time I clean my house OR you can leave them in the moonlight once a month!

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