Celebrating The Summer Solstice
 Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. It is believed to hold the most energy and virility in the magical calendar. The Sun shines strongly giving us that gift of energy designed to help move us to one phase of our life to another. As the sun dances across the sky, we are reminded of its cleansing energy, giving us life and bounty. This is the time we celebrate what we have in our lives as well as preparing for the good that will soon enter our life. It is a powerful holiday for manifestations. 
We have been celebrating the solstice since ancient times. For the Greeks the summer solstice marked the start of the new year. It was also the marker that the Olympic games would be starting one month from the day. For the Romans the celebration of Vestalia was held on the days leading up to solstice in honor of the goddess Vesta – the goddess of fire and the hearth. Through the years the solstice has been a time of great energy and gathering.
Bonfires are common practice in solstice celebration. They represent the power of the sun and the life it gives us. The flames can cleanse but also keep us warm in the darkest nights. We celebrate the longest day by acknowledging the potential of what each day brings us and what this life can be. It is after all, what we make of it.
Today, there are many ways that you can honor the sun and its energy. This includes spending time outdoors, bringing nature into your home, planting garden, doing yoga sun salutations, meditations, lighting a candle or simply wearing yellow.
As the solstice is all about joy and energy it can be the perfect opportunity to do something you love! To allow your personal flame to burn strong and brightly. Whether that is spending time with your family, watching your favourite movie, talking about a topic that you are passionate about, allow that inner flame to be kindled and nurtured. This is an excellent time to rejuvenate yourself and to pursue goals, dreams or wishes that have been on your mind.
The summer solstice is filled with playful, strong and enthusiastic energy. While you are celebrating and making the most of the day, take some time to check in with yourself and the energy you are experiencing. This can be done through journaling, pulling a tarot card, or simply taking a moment and observing what you feel and need. After all, Magical holidays are about strengthening our own spiritual practice with the energy that is given to us.
Happy Solstice Everyone

Stay Magical