Zeolite Crystal Cluster 1pc H055

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This listing is for a Zeolite crystal cluster.  Your crystal will be intuitively chosen just for you and will measure between 1.75" - 3" (4.5cm - 7.6cm).

Zeolite crystals are said to possess a high vibrational energy that can aid in spiritual development and enhance metaphysical abilities. They are often considered powerful tools for purifying and detoxifying not only physical environments but also the spiritual and emotional realms. Zeolites are thought to have a unique ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy, making them popular choices for energy cleansing and protection.

Additionally, zeolites are thought to be beneficial for emotional healing. They may be associated with balancing emotions, promoting harmony, and releasing pent-up stress or anxiety. Some people use zeolite crystals as aids in dreamwork, claiming that they can enhance the clarity and depth of dreams, facilitating a better understanding of one's subconscious.

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