Sand Shark Teeth 20 Grams (A459-2)

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This listing is for 20 grams of Sand Shark Teeth!  The pictures show what 20 grams look like.  (Size and shape vary from bag to bag).

Teeth range in size from 1/2" - 1" (1.2cm - 2.5cm)

Shark teeth have long been recognized as a symbol of protection. The ancient Hawaiians wore shark tooth jewelry to keep any sea dangers at bay. This is based a myth of a young Hawaiian warrior who emerged from a battle with a sea god, victorious, and wearing a shark tooth necklace.

Shark Teeth are not hard to come by.  Sharks commonly lose teeth and replace them over their lifetime. Since these teeth are so easily collected and found, no sharks are harmed in the process.  So feel free to use them for making jewelry and other crafts!

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