50% OFF! Extra Large Green Tourmaline Crystal ST8

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This listing is for a STUNNING extra large Green Tourmaline crystal.  You will receive the exact crystal pictured.  Measurement 6.25" x 2" (15.75" x 5cm).  Weight 475 grams

Tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity. It is excellent for deflecting radiation energy. It enhances ones physical well being by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity.

Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others. It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear. Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. It balances the right-left sides of the brain. Tourmaline releases tension, enhances energy and removes blockages.

Heart Chakra ~ Root Chakra

Tourmaline is the national gemstone for the United States, where it has been mined for centuries. In fact, up until the early 1900s, the United States was considered the primary source for fine tourmaline. Its name is thought to be derived from the Sinhalese word, "turamali", which means "stone with various colours".

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