Octagonal Beta Quartz Crystals 3pcs J114**

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This listing is for 3 octagonal Beta Quartz crystals.  Your crystals will be intuitively chosen just for your and will measure between 12mm - 20mm.  

Beta quartz is a used for understanding dreams and bringing the Universal Life Force energy to assist with complex and difficult life problems.  Beta quartz is a powerful meditation crystal that should be kept for very special occasions. 

Sometimes call High Quartz, this is actually a paramorph of Alpha Quartz.  Beta quartz does not exist below 573 degrees centigrade, but these little miracles have the extremely high hexagonal symmetry of beta quartz preserved in “regular” trigonal alpha quartz.  Created in volcanic conditions subjected to extremely rapid cooling, the precise moment prior to quartz  inversion (back to alpha quartz from the beta quartz state)  has been captured and the beta quartz structure is preserved in alpha quartz.  The result is perfect little bipyramidal crystals!

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