Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit H018

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We are thrilled to provide this Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit!

The term “retrograde” was created to describe the appearing backwards movement of a planet. When it does this, it is referred to as retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of Communication and Technology, so when it retrogrades it is often a time of miscommunications and technology errors!

These crystals have been hand selected to help you through the Retrograde for their amazing positive energy and crystal healing properties!

Included with this kit:
– Raw Black Tourmaline
– Raw Green Calcite
– Raw Smoky Quartz
– Pyrite Cube
– Raw Fluorite 
– Raw Aquamarine
 – A Gratitude Stone

Instructions for use are included!

Stay Happy!  Feel Positive!

Questions? Please feel free to send us a message at any time! We are happy to help!

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Please note! The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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