Jet Polished Stone (Large) 1pc J223

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This listing is for a beautifully polished Jet stone. The stone will be intuitively chosen just for you and will measure between 1" - 1.25" (2.5cm - 3.2cm).

The pure energy of Jet makes it an amazing protection stone on so many levels. It has been used throughout the centuries as a talisman to protect against evil and negative energies. It is also a powerful protector against psychic attack. Jet has also been used to protect finances and business and brings balance and stability to these areas. Being from an organic origin, Jet is also a tremendous grounding stone that calms and eases nervous energy.

Root Chakra

Jet is a type of lignite, a precursor to coal, and is considered to be a minor gemstone. Jet is not considered a true mineral, but rather a mineraloid as it has an organic origin, being derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure.

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