Iolite Polished Stones 2pcs J089

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This listing is for 2 beautifully polished Iolite stones. The 2 stones will be intuitively chosen just for you and will each measure between  5/8" - 1" (1.6cm - 2.5cm).

Iolite is a vision stone. It clears thought forms, opening intuition. It helps you to express your true self, free from the expectations of others. Iolite releases discord within relationships. It encourages taking responsibility for yourself, overcoming codependency within your partnership. Iolite helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction. Iolite restores a sense of perspective to those who feel they are jinxed, and inspires anyone with a chaotic life to start to bring order in small practical ways.

Third Eye Chakra 

Iolite is the gem variety of the mineral Cordierite. It describes the transparent to translucent form of Cordierite, and it has recently become a popular gemstone. Iolite can be light to deep blue, and usually has a purplish tinge to it. It is named from the Greek "violet", alluding to the purplish tinge often exhibited by this gemstone. The other name for Iolite is Water Sapphire.

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