Feng Shui Prosperity Rabbit Bunny Tree (Various Gemstones)

Gemstone Type: Agate
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This listing is for a Feng Shui Prosperity Rabbit Bunny Tree - various gemstones types available.  Measurement:  2.5" x 1.5" x 1" (6.3cm x 3.8cm x 2.5cm).

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on arranging your environment to promote balance and positive energy flow. It involves placing furniture and objects in specific ways to enhance health, happiness, and prosperity. By aligning your space with natural elements and principles, Feng Shui aims to create a harmonious living or working environment.

Rabbits symbolize prosperity, abundance, good luck, and fertility.

The Tree represents growth and strength. It reminds us to stand tall and proud, and to be content with our natural beauty. Although we may grow in different directions our roots remain as one, nourishing us and supporting us through wild winds.

Amethyst represents Protection ~ Focus ~ Dream Recall

Aventurine represents Prosperity ~ Creativity ~ Energy Balance 

Tiger Eye represents Mental Clarity ~ Energy ~ Good Luck 

Citrine represents Wealth ~ Prosperity ~ Success

Rose Quartz represents Universal Love ~ Trust ~ Harmony

Agate represents Strength ~ Balance ~ Harmony

Aquamarine represents Courage ~ Stress Relief  ~ Clarity

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