Enhydro Agate Polished Stone 1pc B077-1

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This listing is for a Enhydro Agate polished stone.  You will receive the exact stone pictured.  Measurement:  3.25" x 2" x 2" (8.2cm x 5cm x 5cm). 

Enhydro agate is a type of agate that contains pockets of water trapped inside the stone. Formed over millions of years, these water-filled cavities are remnants of ancient hydrothermal systems that percolated through the volcanic rock in which agate forms. The silica-rich water slowly deposited layers of chalcedony, creating the distinctive banding patterns typical of agates. The water inside enhydro agates can be millions of years old, making them fascinating geological time capsules.

Enhydro Agate enhances emotional healing, intuition, and connection to the flow of life. It's like a reservoir of ancient wisdom that helps you connect with your inner self and understand your emotions better. Enhydro Agate is also associated with purification and renewal, making it useful for letting go of negative energy and fostering personal growth. This crystal is used in energy work to promote emotional balance, clarity, and spiritual insight.

Please note a strong flash light may be needed to see the water in the stone.  

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