100% Cotton Handmade Dish Cloths (Crochet) 1pc H109

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This listing is for a handmade crochet dishcloth (100% cotton).  Hand crafted by owner Donna Jacobs each dishcloth is crafted for durability and is ecofriendly!  (Various colors chosen at random).  Approximate size 6.5" x 8" (minor size variation can occur). 

Using cotton dishcloths is an eco-friendly choice, as cotton is a natural and biodegradable material!   Additionally, its soft texture is gentle on surfaces, preventing scratches and damage. The absorbent nature of cotton fibers makes it effective for soaking up spills and cleaning dishes, while its durability ensures a long lifespan with proper care. Being reusable, you can wash and reuse cotton dishcloths multiple times, reducing waste and saving money.   They are very versatile and can be used cleaning various surfaces in the kitchen and home.

Care instructions - Machine wash and dry.   Do not bleach. 

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