Does crystal healing work?
In the magical world of crystals, you often hear the question “Does crystal healing work?” on a regular basis. The quick answer to this question is - yes crystal healing works.  However, seeing crystals as a fantastical item in pop culture and today’s modern society it is hard to navigate what crystals really do for the user.

That being said…I hate to break it to you, but picking up a piece of Jade will not cause the sky to start raining money before your very eyes.

Although, it does shift something…your energy.

Using crystals takes energy and work. It is not a quick fix. Crystals are tools. They are fantastic focal points for inner power and manifestations. Just as a carpenter has tools to complete and aid their job, crystals are the same for others working with energy. The great thing about crystals is it is not a closed practice. You do not need expensive training or even super expensive crystals to learn!

There are many different shapes, varieties, and sizes to select from and many ways crystals can be used and its all about picking the right tool for the job!

For example, maybe I have been feeling a little down, so I decided to carry a Citrine crystal with me to remind me of its quality of Happiness. When I have these negative or intrusive thoughts, I can spend some time holding it and focusing on its energy. This is a very grounding practice and can remind yourself to focus on the little happy moments we experience though the day. That hot cup of coffee in the morning, the sunrise on the drive into work, etc. Whatever those happy thoughts are it disrupts the negative train of thought and its momentum.

This is the same with most crystals, self love crystals like Rose Quartz gives off the energy of love and compassion and in return they effect our energy and ground us in that practice. Reminding us to be kind to others as well as ourselves.

The manipulation of energy are crystals greatest power. Each crystal has its own unique properties that its energy is attuned to and can influence. Everyone’s personal energy is different and that is why everyone’s personal preferences and experiences will vary from crystal to crystal. For example, Moldavite is all the rage right now because how it greatly effects some people’s energy. Personally, it does not jive with mine. I don’t personally experience those effects. That is why when you ask peoples favorite crystals for protection for example - it varies, some swear by Obsidian, Libyan Tektites, Black Tourmaline. You need to experiment for yourself and find out what works best for you.

Its great to ask for advice on where to start but for the most part, the crystals that catch your eye or you feel are calling to you, are the crystals that will benefit your energy the most!

When working with crystals its important to remember that they are tools and you are still the user of those tools. Going back to my carpenter analogy, just because they buy the tools, their hard work and finished product doesn’t just pop into existence. It takes training, knowledge and skill. It is an active process that grows each day. Sometimes there will be a knot in the wood and things won’t go as planned. Mistakes happen and we need to work around them.

So yes. Crystal’s work. Just as a screwdriver or a hammer would. But you need to make sure you are working with the appropriate medium…energy!