Vesuvianite Stones Polished 2pcs T238

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This listing is for 2 beautifully polished Vesuvianite stones. The 2 stones will be intuitively chosen just for you and will each measure between .75" - 1.1" (2cm - 3cm).

Vesuvianite (also called Idocrase) is named after Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, the famous volcano where it was originally described. The term Idocrase is an older synonym not commonly used anymore; it is more readily seen in old collection labels and classical reference guides. Although many habits of Vesuvianite are dull and uninteresting, there are some highly lustrous and brilliantly-colored forms of this mineral that are outstanding.

Metaphysically Vesuvianite brings us closer to the higher realms and provides an easier link to our sense of higher self. It facilitates the seeing and the understanding of things on this earth that have no substance. Psychologically, Vesuvianite releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint, dissolves anger and alleviates fear and negativity. It helps to create a sense of inner security, opens the mind and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking into creativity. Vesuvianite banishes depression and clears negative thought patterns so that the mind can function more clearly.

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