The Universe Loves You! Gift Pack

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$19.99 CAD 

The Universe Loves YOU!  Some things in life are not random or a coincidence.  The Universe wants to send you something special!  When you allow the Universe to truly select what you need right now it will never fail.  Our amazing gift packs are carefully curated full of wonderful metaphysical tools and inspirational objects meant to assist and inspire you on your life’s journey! 

Perhaps you need protection from negative influences, tools to reduce stress, comfort from grief, or simply assurances that you are truly never alone and that the Universe loves you and has your back! 

This makes the PERFECT GIFT for someone you love! 

The Universe Loves You Pack will surprise and delight you with an abundance of love and happiness.  Positive energy radiates from each package!

Each pack contains crystals, gems, metaphysical tools and supplies that the Universe has determined you require at this exact moment in time.  

***Please note - The items pictured are a selection of just some of the items you will find in the pack!   The value of the pack is over $25!   No two packs are ever the same!


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