"The Resting $@#& Face!" Funny Crystal Energy Kit A512

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Face it... we all have "that" friend who is much nicer than her face portrays!   The "Resting $@#& Face" crystal energy kit is PERFECT for that poor soul who, no matter how hard she tries, intimidates everyone she meets with her unintentional glare. 

Each pack contains the following super charged crystals:

Citrine:  Citrine is the Happiness crystal! Because you are happy - your face just doesn’t show it.

Sodalite:  Sodalite is a calming crystal, which you are going to have to be after the 6th time your friend asked you if you were ok.

Rose Quartz:  The love and friendship crystal, because you’re are really nice person, once
people work up enough courage to say hi.

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