Tektite Space Stone 1pc B546-4

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This listing is for a raw Tektite specimen. You will receive the exact specimen in the picture.  Measurement - 1.4" x 1.0" x 0.7" (3.6cm x 2.7cm x 1.8cm)

Tektites are small black glassy object, many of which are found over certain areas of the earth's surface, believed to have been formed as molten debris in meteorite impacts and scattered widely through the air. Tektites are found all over the planet and are commonly regarded as stones of good luck in many cultures. The extraterrestrial energies of Tektite are immediately noticeable to those sensitive to the energies of crystals.

Root Chakra

It is said the energy of a Tektite is able to increase energy and is known to strengthen the aura, raise one’s vibrations and clear energy blockage within the lower Chakras. This makes it a great stone for anyone seeking spiritual advancement. Tektite also has the advantage of increasing energy, which makes it great for charging other stones, or objects. 


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