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This listing is for a gem jar of polished Sugilite stone chips. Your gem jar will intuitively be chosen just for you and will be similar to one of the jars pictured. (Note, this listing has a large variation of colors).

Chips range in size from 2mm - 10mm. Weight approx 5grams total.

Sugilite is today's "love stone", representing spiritual love. It opens the chakras and brings them into alignment with the flow of love. Sugilite enhances the development of spiritual awareness, promotes channeling ability and teaches to live from our truth and to believe in our sixth sense, or intuition. It encourages positive thoughts, alleviating sorrow, grief and fear.

Crown Chakra ~ Third Eye Chara ~ Heart Chakra

Sugilite (also known as lavulite, royal azel, cybeline, and wesselite) is a relatively rare pink to purple cyclosilicate mineral with the complex chemical formula. 

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