Shiva Lingam Stone Stone 3" 1pc A016*

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This listing is for a Shiva Lingam stone. The stone will be chosen just for you.  Each Shiva is unique!  Measurement range between 2.75" - 3" (7cm - 7.6cm)

Shiva Lingams are elongated egg-shaped stones that are naturally formed from a mineral called cryptocrystalline quartz, with iron oxide deposits. They are composed primarily of microscopic quartz, with a density very close to that of an emerald. The stones are tan and gray with markings of reddish stripes, spots, and rings or circles.

The Shiva Lingam stone is collected primarily from the banks of the river Narmada in India. This river is considered a sacred place by the local residents. The meaning of the name is Sanskrit. Shiva means “Auspicious One" and Lingam means “mark or sign”.

The Shiva Lingam is a symbol of Love. The crown chakra is where we connect to the Higher Self and this stone encourages your direct connection to the higher-self. It enhances inner transformation.

Shiva Lingams are a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion that will intensify the vitality and level of pranic energy within your body. It works with the yin and yang of our energetic field hence the assistance of both male and female. It is an earth energy stone which contains quartz and the impurities that is joined with it from the Narmada River. To improve your overall health these stones are powerful as they stimulate the energy system of the entire body and will aid an overall improvement in your health and well-being.

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