Serpentine Gua Sha Board 1pc (0814)

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This listing is for a Serpentine gemstone Gua Sha board.   Measurement:  3" x 2.25" x 0.25" (7.6cm x 5.6cm x 0.6cm).

Gua Sha is an ancient East and South East Asian healing technique that involves massaging the face and body with a smooth porcelain or crystal tool. 

This flat tool is specially shaped to fit the contours of your body and is designed to help relieve tension, stimulate circulation, and aid lymphatic drainage. This Gua Sha massage technique can be used to relieve built-up tension and toxins in the face and body.

An earthing stone, Serpentine also opens new pathways for the Kundalini energy. It aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration. Serpentine assists the retrieval of wisdom, helping to regain memory of past lives. It clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra, opening psychic abilities. Serpentine assists the conscious direction of healing energy toward problem areas. It corrects mental and emotional imbalances, helping you to feel more in control of your life.

Heart Chakra

Serpentine is a combination of many different minerals and thus has many different color hues. The name Serpentine was given as the stone often has a scaly appearance like snakeskin. Serpentine was highly valued by the Aztecs as was all green gemstones. In folklore, Italian women believed that carrying a Serpentine stone in their pocket would protect them from the bite of a snake.

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