Ruby Zoisite Stone Wand 1pc T338

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SKU: T338

This listing is for a Ruby Zoisite stone wand. Your wand will be intuitively chosen just for you. Each wand is unique!  Approx length 4" - 4.5" (10.2cm - 11.3cm)

Crystal or stone wands gather and focus energy. The shape of the wand allows the crystal to direct its healing energy in a straight line to pinpoint specific areas of the body.

Ruby in Zoisite, also called Anyolite, is a combination crystal that contains both the properties of fiery Ruby and earthy Zoisite. This stone contains small Ruby crystals that have become embedded in Zoisite.

Heart Chakra
Root Chakra

Ruby Zoisite is said to create an altered state of consciousness, enabling you to reach and utilize talents and abilities of the mind. It stimulates psychic abilities. Increases awareness of ones individuality. Ruby Zoisite instills joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage, bringing passion and a zest for life.

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