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This listing is for a polished Orthoceras fossil. Your fossil will be intuitively chosen just for you and will range in length between 3.75" to 5" (9.5cm to 12.7cm).  Each one is special and unique!

Orthoceras fossils are remnants of an ancient marine creature that lived over 400 million years ago during the Paleozoic era. These extinct cephalopods had elongated, conical shells, which are commonly found in limestone deposits. The fossils often display distinct, chambered segments and a smooth, tapered shape, showcasing the creature's primitive form. Orthoceras is believed to be an ancestor of modern squid and octopuses. Fossils of Orthoceras are prized for their striking appearance and are often polished and used in decorative items, connecting us to Earth's distant past

Metaphysically Orthoceras are believed to promote grounding, stability, and connection to ancient wisdom. It's like holding a piece of history that helps you stay rooted and learn from the past. Orthoceras fossils are also associated with transformation and personal growth, making them useful for navigating change and embracing new beginnings. These fossils are used in energy work to enhance focus, perseverance, and a sense of stability.

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