Lithium Quartz Point 1pc B001-4

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SKU: B001-4

This listing is for the Lithium Quartz Crystal pictured.  You will receive this exact crystal.  

Measurement:  2" x .75" x 1/2" (5cm x 2cm x 1.5cm)

Lithium Quartz uplifts the mental and emotional bodies, and gently moves repressed anger and grief to the surface so it can be healed. Lithium Quartz Crystal can also heal emotional issues from past lives.

Lithium Quartz brings emotional peace, stress release, and relaxation. A powerful, yet gentle healer, Lithium Quartz balances the brain and the emotions. Calming and soothing. Use Lithium Quartz to open and heal the Heart Chakra, or with the Third Eye Chakra for powerful meditations. Lithium Quartz can also activate and cleanse all of the Chakras.

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