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This listing is for a raw Leland Blue stone.  Your specimen will range in size from 1.75" to 3" and will weight 100g to 200g.

Leland Blue is a blue or green looking stone that is not actually technically a stone- it’s called slag.  Northern Michigan was known for its iron ore and mining industry, which is just how this slag has formed and created the beautiful Leland Blue Stone.

You may be asking- What is slag? The process, roughly described, is that during the mining of ore, it eventually gets heated to extreme temperatures and separated into iron ore and then other natural byproducts. From here, these other natural byproducts cool and mix and as a result, form slag, sometimes containing colors.

The slag that formed Leland Blue, is obviously blue in color, but can sometimes be darker, lighter, or different shades of blue/green. This beautiful stone can be found on the shores of Leland’s beaches and other beachfront areas in Northern Michigan.

Metaphysically, it is believed to have grounding and protective properties, helping to shield against negative energies and promote stability. It's like a sturdy foundation that supports you during challenging times. Leland Blue Stone is also associated with creativity and self-expression, making it useful for artists and individuals seeking inspiration. This stone is used in energy work to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance, and a sense of security.

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