K2 Jasper Loose Beads Round 8mm 10pcs (1452)

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This listing is for 8mm round K2 Jasper beads. Included is 10 beads. 

K2 Jasper promotes harmony and connection with people both in your family and work environment. It assists with communication and helps to put ideas into words. it gives you control over your emotions and helps to ground and balance your energy field. The high vibrations of this stone assists the user to develop a deep sense of empathy and compassion.

Throat Chakra

What is K2 Jasper?
K2 Granite," also known as "K2 Jasper," is an extremely interesting rock and lapidary material from Pakistan. It is a white granite that contains sharply contrasting orbs of bright blue Azurite. The Azurite orbs range from a few millimeters up to about two centimeters in diameter. On a broken surface or on the surface of a slab, the blue orbs look like drops of bright blue ink that splashed onto the rock. Upon closer examination, however, you will see that they are actually spherical in shape. 

Although K2 Jasper is the most commonly known name for this mineral it is definitely not Jasper. If you examine the rock with a magnifying glass, you will see cleavage faces of Feldspar minerals and black flakes of Biotite

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