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This listing is for a 4" ritual candle used for intention settings and manifestation.  Please see the selection below for the different intentions linked to each color.

Candle Colors ($2.00 each):
Lavender - Healing, Peace, Spirituality                                        
Red - Courage, Health, Strength
Orange: Success, Encouragement, Adaptability
Green - Prosperity, Good Luck, Fertility                                 
Brown - Home Blessing, Problem Solving, Grounding
Blue - Tranquility, Understanding, Creativity                        
Yellow - Confidence, Happiness, Communication
Pink - Love, Beauty, Friendship                                                                               
Purple - Psychic Development, Divination, Ambition                  
Dark Blue - Knowledge, Focus, Adaptability

Metallic Candles ($3.00 each): 
Rose Gold - Amplify Positive Feelings, Happiness, Stress Relief

BEST DEAL (20 pack) $29.99
- This pack includes two each of red, orange, yellow, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, white and black candles.

Intention candles are used to help bring our desires to fruition. When lighting your intention candle, simply think of the goal that you wish to manifest in your life. When we light the candle in this mindset our words have more power and help the universe deliver your intention to you.

These candles can be used anytime you wish to give more focus to a specific desire in your life.  The ritual of burning the candle and contemplating the intention is a wonderfully relaxing exercise!

Intention candles are used to help us focus and bring our desires to fruition.  Only perform this ritual when you have sufficient time to be able to stay with the candle while it burns.  Do not leave the room until the candle has fully burned down!

Want to learn more about Candle Magic?  Check out Danielle's blog post HERE

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