Faden Quartz Crystal 1pc B555-4

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This listing is a beautiful Faden Quartz crystal.  You will receive the exact crystal pictured.  Measurement:  1.8" x 1.3" x 0.6" (4.5cm x 3.3cm x 1.5cm) 

Faden Quartz is a variety of tabular quartz crystal that contains a fuzzy white line running through the crystal. The name "faden" comes from the German word for fiber. It is suggested that this white string or fiber was created during the growth process of the crystal after being fractured by the earth's movement, healed and regrown.

Faden Quartz are naturally strong promoters of healing. Faden Quartz assists with astral travel pursuits and enhances your memory recall. Faden Quartz can be used to cleanse, repair and activate the chakras and aura.

These great healers can work the same way for relationships, if it is for the greater good.  If a split is meant to be however, meditating with this crystal will help mend the mind and heart, enabling understanding and healthy resignation.  The thread that runs through the Faden Quartz is symbolic of the cord that connects the holder to another person.  In this way, this crystal can facilitate better communication between people and enhance the relationship.

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