Dumortierite Stone 1pc K106-8

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This listing is for a raw Dumortierite crystal. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.  Measurement:  1.9" x 1.1" x 0.8" (4.8cm x 2.9cm x 2.1cm).

Dumortierite is said to promote a positive attitude to life and to help you to stay "young at heart". It is also said to increase assertiveness and self-confidence encouraging you to speak out when you feel you are being treated unfairly. In addition Dumortierite is said to calm and focus you in traumatic situations giving you the tools to cope with a crisis.

Throat Chakra

Dumortierite is a fibrous variably colored aluminium boro-silicate mineral. Dumortierite was first described in 1881 for an occurrence in Chaponost, in the Rhône-Alps of France and named for the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier. It is used in the manufacture of high grade porcelain. 

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