Dragon Blood Jasper Stone Heart 1pc (1186)

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This listing is for one Dragon Blood Jasper stone heart. The heart stone will be intuitively chosen just for you. Each stone is unique!    Measurement:  1" x .75" (2.5cm x 2cm).

Dragons Blood Jasper balances and heals the Heart Chakra. It is a nurturing & relaxing energy that builds self-confidence and a stronger will. It fosters the persistence required to make effective changes in your life. It brings joy to community and family interactions.

Heart Chakra

Dragon Blood Jasper is found only in western Australia. Local legend there says that the stone is the remains of deceased ancient dragons – the green being the skin and the red the blood. A “stone of courage,” Dragon Blood Jasper is actually a variety of quartz that displays flecks and veins of red within an opaque green background.

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