Chrysanthemum Stone Slice 1pc J031

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This listing is for one Chrysanthemum Stone Slice. The stone will be intuitively chosen just for you and will measure between 3.4" - 4.1" (8.6cm - 10.5cm)

This stone was first discovered in Japan, but has also been found in China, Canada and the USA. It is a naturally occurring stone that is made from a mixture of gypsum, dolomite and limestone, with inclusions of various other minerals including Celestite, Calcite, Andalusite and Feldspar.

Metaphysically Chrysanthemum Stones are said to give a feeling of calm confidence and will enhance any environment. Chrysanthemum stone radiates harmony it processes change with calm and shows you how to work in harmony with others. It encourages, inspires and energizes you and helps bring ideas into realization.

Chrysanthemum stones balance the Kundalini chakras, it helps manifest wishes and desires. It provides spiritual help for your daily needs. It is an excellent grounding stone.

Chrysanthemum stone help you to remain fun loving. Chrysanthemum stone grounds you against distractions and shows you the bigger picture of a task. it brings stability and trust into your life and relationships there by eliminating resentment and animosity.

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