Chalcanthite Crystal Cluster 1pc K086-4

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This listing is for a lab created Chalcanthite crystal. You will receive the exact crystal in the picture.  Measurement:  1.7" x 1" x 0.8" (4.3cm x 2.7cm x 2.2cm).

Chalcanthite is known for its incredible deep blue color. It is used for insight, psychic attunement, enhancing clairvoyance and ability to "read" people and situations. Chalcanthite can be used to eliminate feelings of abandonment and helps one get back on track working towards life goals.

Throat Chakra

Please note! Chalcanthite is copper based and should never be used in elixirs or essences. Do not place in water as it will dissolve. Keep away from small children as it should not be placed in the mouth.

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Please note! The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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