Brass Dowsing Rods 1set (A221)

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This listing is for a set of brass Dowsing Rods.  Measurement:  13" x 5" (33cm x 13cm).  Instructions for use are included. 

Dowsing Rods are a form of Divination used to find hidden objects, spirit and measure the Aura. Historically Dowsing rods were most commonly used to locate water and precious minerals. They are now used for the purpose of connecting with energy. Commonly used to locate and communicate with spirit as well as answer yes and no questions, similar to a pendulum. These tools can be used to connect with ones inner intuition and help be a visual queue of guidance in the desired direction.

Made of brass, protective tips at ends, one pair, with brass handles locked in by nylon flanges to allow handles to swing freely and minimize friction.

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