Angelite Polished Stone 3pcs T060

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This listing is for 3 beautifully polished Angelite stones (Anhydrite). The stones will be intuitively chosen just for you and will each measure between .05" - .75" (1cm - 2cm).

Angelite (also known as Anhydrite) is a recent discovery for the mineral and gem world. Found during the 1987 Harmonic Conversion in Peru, it is said to have been given its name from the Greek “anhydras” meaning 'without water'.

Crown Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Throat Chakra

Angelite raises the state of conscious awareness. It represents peace and brotherhood. Angelite facilitates contact with your angels and spirit guides and helps to connect with your higher self. It enhances psychic healing and telepathic communication and enables astral travel and spirit journeys.

Because of its ability to deepen attunement and heighten perception, Angelite is a powerful stone for healers. It also provides protection for the environment or the body.

Psychologically, Angelite helps you to speak your truth. It promotes communication and self-expression. Dispels fear, anger and anxiety, converting them into faith and tranquility. Angelite encourages forgiveness. It alleviates psychological pain and counteracts cruelty. Mentally, Angelite enhances astrological understanding and brings deeper understanding of mathematics. It also facilitates telepathic contact between minds.

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