The fact that you have found yourself on this page most likely means that you are looking to improve something in your life!  Perhaps you are having difficulties in a relationship?  Finances?  Self esteem?  Job search?  Let’s face it, everyone has SOMETHING they would like to improve in their life experience.  Well, we are thrilled to tell you that one of the BEST ways to make immediate changes in your life is to practice something called The Law of Attraction!

 The main premise for using many of the tools found on our website utilizes The Law of Attraction.   Perhaps you have heard this term in other teachings or have watched the movie “The Secret” (FYI you can watch this movie on Netflix if you haven’t yet!).  

 Another fantastic resource for learning more about this law are a couple books by Jerry and Esther Hicks called “The Law of Attraction” or “Ask and it is Given”.  Both are amazing resources that delve deeper into the explanation of the Law of Attraction. 

The simple definition of the Law of Attraction is – “like” energy is attracted to “like” energy (thoughts).  In other words, what you focus on with your mind (energy) is what you will attract into your life!
The tricky part is the Universe does not distinguish between what you want verses what you do not want!   So if what you are mostly focusing on is all the stuff you do not want, then the Universe goes “wow you are thinking about that a lot!  Here is more of the same!”   An example might be for someone looking for a romantic partner, and every day their thoughts are focused on “oh why can’t I find someone to love me”?  The Universe hears those constant thoughts and gives them exactly what they are focusing on – and keeps the love of their life outside of reach.

Have you ever had a day that you woke up and thought “oh this is going to be a bad day” because you stubbed your toe, couldn’t find your keys, or you woke up late, and then that is exactly what happened?  More and more bad things happened during the day until you thought your head would explode?  This is Law of Attraction at its finest!   

 Most people don’t even realize they are attracting the bad stuff into their lives.  They use terms like I’m cursed, unlucky, just my luck, why is it always me and so on.  BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!  You can begin TODAY to change your thoughts and thus CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  It truly is as easy as “Thinking Positive”.  Or a better way to express that is Feeling Positive!

We have an amazing tool kit designed to specifically help you focus your thoughts and attract more and more positive changes into your life immediately!

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