You Choose 5 Raw Healing Crystals

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This listing is for 5 raw Healing Crystals and Stones.

You choose which combination of crystals you would like! (See list below). Each stone comes with a card indicating the metaphysical properties of that crystal.  

Working with crystals can help reduce stress, boost your mood, calm emotions, inspire good fortune and many other benefits.  Improving your mental state has been proven to help with overall better health and outlook!  The true "magic' is to use the energy from the crystals to inspire positive emotions within you!   It is those positive emotions that will evoke real change in your physical life!

The stone selections we currently have available for this listing are:

Amazonite (soothing / calming)
Amethyst (protection /dream recall)
Aventurine (good luck / compassion)

Black Tourmaline (protection / physical vitality)
Blue Calctie (soothing energy / self expression)
Blue Kyanite (calming / energy support)
Carnelian (Motivation / Stimulates Creativity)
Citrine (happiness / success)
Clear Quartz (master healer / amplify energy)
Fuchsite (holistic health / focus / self worth)
Green Calcite (stress relief / positive changes)
Pyrite (protection / health / intellect )
Peach Moonstone (inner growth / strength / intuition) 
Peacock Ore (happiness / joy / prosperity)

Rose Quartz (universal love / trust and harmony)
Smoky Quartz (protection/healing)
Red Jasper (nurturing/protection/tranquility)
Sodalite (calming / self esteem boost)

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Please note! The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.