Creating An Altar In Your Home

When you are evolving into a higher-self, the road may seem lonely - filled with twists, crossroads, and uncertainties. Building an Altar is one of the methods you can use to ground yourself for the duration of your journey. There are a lot of different variations out there, but a personal altar is essentially a sacred space in your home that serves as a “spiritual center” where you can focus on being your highest self. It also consists of specific items meant to invite positive energy into your life. 

A personal altar has several purposes: It dedicates a space to the things that are most important to you - a person, a goal, an ideal or focus in your life. It adds beauty to any space in your home while it provides a place to reflect on your personal or spiritual priorities. It fills a space with your unique, personal, and spiritual energy! Think of an altar as a place where you can be your true authentic self, a place to express your imagination and intuition.

Keep in mind that your altar may be large or small. A personal altar can be set up in a dedicated space where it is the center of focus for the room (such as a meditation room), it can be created outside in your garden, or it can be located in a small section of a room, such as a mantle top or a side table. No matter your religious beliefs, a personal altar will reflect your spirituality and give you a creative outlet to express your goals, beliefs and ideals.

How Do I Do It?

  1. Clear the space.

Select a prominent space in your home, one that you will see regularly, to remind you to take time to meditate or pray. Physically clean the space, a cluttered space will cause energy to get trapped and become stagnant. The spot should be kept extremely clean and free from clutter or unnecessary junk, try hard not to put random objects like car keys or the odd hair pin on your altar. Keep it as a sacred place, just for you. Then clear the dedicated space with incense or with sage.

  1. Select sacred items.

Choose items that you feel connected to. You may feel close to the elemental properties of nature or a deity, a past loved one, etc. Make sure to display a picture or a statue if you have chosen to dedicate your altar to someone -this will help you visualize your intentions. You may place flowers, crystals, seashells, etc. Your altar should be full of items that you feel connected to. Be creative and play. It is your sacred space.

Make sure the items resonate with you! Something I have personally found on my journey is there is SO MUCH information out there on altars and various other subjects. Lists are endless of things you “have to have” down to the placement of each item. If the items on these lists do not resonate with you, or you think they are silly, don’t use them! If they don’t resonate with you, they do not have power and its as simple as that!

However, if you are unsure where to start here are some suggestions!

Candles       Flowers/Plants         Tarot/Oracle Cards             Sage               Crystals 

Any tools you may think you’ll need ie: incense holder, Cauldron, matches, pen & paper

Take note that you can change out these items at anytime. Making it change with the seasons, or simply because you wanted to change it up! I rearrange my Altar about once a month, this also gives me an opportunity to wipe down the surface, cleaning any dust off or left-over ash. Doing this also helps refresh its energy and inhibits stagnancy.

  1. Arrange.

Arrange the space the way you see fit. Play around with it. You can Light candles and place fresh flowers and fruit as treats for whomever you’ve dedicated your altar to, but remember to keep the space clean and fresh. Follow your heart.

Once you create your altar, make a daily ritual to meditate or pray near it. Remember to use the sacred energy you've created to remind you of your highest spiritual intentions as you start and end your day.

Remember, there are no rules with how you set up your altar, all that matters is what is sacred and important to you! Allow your altar to be a reflection of your own personal beliefs and values.

Stay Magical

- D