Actually Though - What Is A Witch?

Hermione, Samantha, the Wicked Witch of the West, Sabrina, Sanderson Sisters, Maleficent – are just a few witches that we are familiar with in pop culture now days. Due to the Rise of the Witch in the past 5 or so years, the term witch has gone through quite the evolution. More and more people are identifying with the term and it has become more accepted as time goes on. This in itself is a great thing! However sometimes the original message can be convoluted and somewhat murky to see though.

How I would define the word witch is someone who embodies their truth. Someone who believes in energy and their ability to utilize it. It is the embodiment of characteristics that were sadly prosecuted a not so long time ago. Some worship old gods, some practice alone, and others together. We do not condemn the differences in each others craft, but embrace everyone’s uniqueness and magic. It is the embodiment of nature and the natural power it has. Witches are dedicated to finding truth and connection, always learning and embracing what we find.

Many people in history have lost their lives from being called witch. For being different, for refusing to buckle or break, being a feminist in a dark time, for simply wearing their hair down and many MANY other reasons. When someone calls themselves a witch we take back the power of that historically scary word and say “I’m proud of who I am and what are you going to do about it?”

We may be inspired or even idolize the magical personas we see in media, but no – we do not ride or think we can ride brooms. When we call each other or ourselves witches it is a term of empowerment. It means I will be seen; I am truthfully unapologetically me, and lastly - I have power.

What does this all mean? It means please don’t scoff or tease someone because they call themselves a witch. Some have been practicing for many years, some have inherited their craft and practice from family. Some have spent hours/days/years of time researching and refining their craft. Others, for the first time are acknowledging their true self, while some are daring to take their first step. By all means, calling yourself a witch is a sacred right and let me tell you - you have earned it by going on whatever journey that has led you to that exact moment. Do not take it lightly. It is not something that can be bought, it is something you are. You are you. You are Witch.

This is but one humble Witch’s opinion. Ask yourself what is a Witch to you?

Stay Magical,